Vessels of Honor

"a ministry to the people of Mexico"

Delia Saiza

Dora Zambrano

Samuel Saiza

About this ministry


Vessels of Honor ministry is based in Corona, California. The leadership include Delia Saiza, (Leader), Samuel Saiza, Dora Zambrano and George Saiza (who went home to be with the Lord in 2015) but was a huge part of the heart and work of this ministry.  As ordained and licensed ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they follow what God said. . .serve my people in Mexico... and so they continue to go and carry out their commission. 

The commission they have been given includes: preaching and teaching the word with signs and wonders with faithfulness to God, providing charity which is the Love of God, shelter, food, clothing, cars, the building of churches, homes and much more.  Faithfully watching over what God has charged them with.  Even as it is written: “Take heed now; for the Lord hast chosen thee to build….be strong and do it – 1 Chronicles 28:10

Carrying out God’s instruction, they go to Mexico several times a year to small poverty torn and drug infested territories.  Regardless of the risk they take or difficulties they encounter, they continue to “Have Faith in God” seeing and expecting souls to be saved. Even, allowing everything they have to be used as a storage house for God's provision.  Hear some of the super natural testimonies of water gushing out of the ground when thirsty, and money falling out of the sky when needed.  Wow! Praise Him!  They asked through prayer and God provided. When bullets were flying around them, they exercised their authority through prayer with thanksgiving reminding God what was written, and God protected! Amen

Collecting donations throughout the whole year, filling up rented storage facilities, their back yard, overloading their garages, even their own bedrooms are filled up with God's provisions he has supplied for this outreach ministry to Mexico.

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this great work?  Maintaining what God has commissioned them to do.

Enough said!  -- Help is needed, How about you?

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