Where is Your Faith

Our goal in writing this easy-read book was to help the Christian identify the following. . .

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Prayer, the purpose, power, practice

 This book will assist you with overcoming an ineffective prayer life. To be truly effective, prayer must be specific. Generalizations in prayer are usually because. . .

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Progressive Journey to Healing

 Healing and good health is an essential component to living a prosperous life. This book will . . .

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Understanding the Bible

 On a quest to learn more about the Bible? Looking for a tool to use for Bible Study? Interested in Bible history? 

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Leadership. . .follow me

 This book was written to help build strong leaders in ministry and will strengthen the vision and mission of the Church and its leadership. The topics covered. . .

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Study Proverbs for Wisdom

The book of Proverbs is part of the Bible’s wisdom literature.  Every verse can provide us with truths (a way to think or be) that will make our lives better if applied.  The book. . .

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Experiencing God Through the Psalms

Experiencing God through the Book of Psalms. One of the definitions for experience means to practice. This book by the writer’s examples will impart a know-how that you. . .

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